Saturday, September 24, 2011

My feelings on the teaching profession

This blog won't serve it's purpose if I don't write anything.

It's not that I  haven't wanted to write. or that I don't know what to say.  It's just that teaching takes a lot.  A lot of time and effort and work.  And writing a post about it just seems so...bottom-of-the-list sometimes, you know?

I can tell you that in the past weeks I've been all over in regards to my feelings about teaching.  I've already had the thought, "When will the year be over, and can I find another job for next year?" I've gone days of loving my work, and the challenge it brings.  I've decided I enjoy working with high schoolers.  I've decided I don't like working with high schoolers.  I've been tired.  I've been motivated.  I've been struggling - in productive ways and defeating ways.

I keep thinking about how "some people are meant to be teachers and others aren't."  I wonder who I am.  Am I someone who is cut out for teaching?  Or have I found myself in a job that really isn't for me, and that's why I struggle with it so much?

I guess that's what this blog and this new job are intended to answer.  

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